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A 'How To Make Red Wine' Poster

Visual Tasting Notes for the Wines

Vagabundo Event Booklet

Illustrations for Social Media



A 'How To Make English Sparkling Wine'

illustrated guide, based on the techniques

used for the Bride Valley wines.

Dorset, United Kingdom



A Special Limited Edition Christmas label for

their iconic L.T.C. wine, based on the traditional design.


The Australian Prime Minister ordered 3 dozen!


Character portraits and accompanying descriptions are based on the official tasting notes of each wine.


PIERRO  Chardonnay  2013


First Lady of the Pierro Household. Elegant, poised and refined with a fruity undertone. Her reputation precedes her through years of experience and loyalty to her style. At the party she extends a delicate hand to you in greeting, her white peach and nectarine skin lit up by a seamless smile and a playful citrus twinkle in her eye. She dresses in sumptuous layers of creamy silk, underpinned with a steely structure...


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PIERRO  L.T.Cf  2011


L.T.Cf - known among family and friends as Pierro - is the family 

romantic. A somewhat naively trusting character, he is affectionately teased by his sister, but takes solace in his book- learning. 12 months maturing in French oak, he spends much of this time improving his mind and developing his integrity as an artist. Somewhat shy at first, he proves himself a worthy companion over dinner, with a rich and flavoursome personality that enriches the evening...


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PIERRO  Cabernet Reserve  2010


Formal Head of the Pierro Household, the Duke stands tall, elegant and impeccably dressed in tasteful silk fabrics and his favourite cane  made from French oak.  His quiet manner belies a subtle complexity of character derived  from his exotic heritage; although predominantly of Cabernet and Merlot descent, his bloodline

reveals a hint of Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot and Malbec and a...


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PIERRO  Blanc de Blanc 2014


Introducing “Blanche”, the Pierro family’s French Maid. Mademoiselle de Blanc has been part of the household for many years and is much treasured by the family, not least for her charming ability to add to any social occasion. An elegant blend of Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling and Viognier she comes into her own in the summer, delighting guests with her silky soft accent and trailing an irresistible aroma of tropical fruit, apricot, passionfruit and a touch of gooseberry as she...


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PIERRO  L.T.C.  2014


L.T.C, with a hint of her elegant mother, is a fresh and lively young

lady from the Willyabrup Duchy. She dances light and graceful, 

melting hearts with her delightful approachability. Dressed in a subtle blend of delicate fabrics - an elegant and floating skirt with a structured bodice, she is most often seen with a basket of fresh, zesty citrus fruits, herbs and wild flowers in one....


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PIERRO  Pinot Noir 2011


The Pierro Household would not be complete without beloved Uncle Pinot. An elegantly slim gentleman, he invariably dresses in a weighty velvet jacket with a fine, silk cravat. His cologne leaves hints of briar and brambly aromas as he wanders about the room, gesticulating with expressive, aristocratic hands and bristling his mustachios with pleasure at his own quick wit. He talks of red cherries and blackberries with a playful glint in his eye and a concentration that...


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