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millustrations eyes about me

Welcome to Millustrations, home of a serial dabbler.

Illustrating and designing is one of my "paid hobbies", along with assisting in making and selling exceptional wines.   I am also studying to become a psychotherapist and counsellor, which stems from my love of personal interactions and ability to connect with people from all walks of life - something that has proved very useful when collaborating on creative and personal projects.


When I'm not exploring this amazing globe (particularly poignant in these non-travel times of COVID), I am based on a small and magical island off the coast of Dublin where I manage the hospitality and run a special networking club for bold and creative thinkers who share my mutual respect for nature, humanity and the individual.


I love collaborating on creative ideas.  If you have a poem, a book, a story, a website, an invitation - anything at all that you want brought to life visually with someone who will be sensitive and patient with you through the process, then I'm your (wo)man.


Feel free to get in touch with your ideas!






If you wish to use any of the work - writing, illustrations, photographs, etc - appearing here for commercial purposes you must contact me for permission to arrange an appropriate fee or exchange.


The work on this site is copyright protected and may not be used commercially without my permission.


If you are forwarding my work among friends, thank you for including a link to this website or my instagram @themillustrator, and proper attribution to me, Millie Baring.

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